4th of July Celebrations in Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas

As everyone knows there are plenty of things to do on the 4th of July. Sometimes the type of celebrating depends on where in the United States you reside. Many places enhance the enjoyment of this holiday with regional or ethnic goings on. For instance in the south there are far different offerings on the buffet table than in the pacific northwest. Pig roasts and jambalaya in the former, grilled salmon and bleue cheese in the latter. Of course hot dogs and ice cream are the prevailing favorites in most places.

There are dances and bar-b-cues, softball games, picnics and fireworks. Some people stay home and visit with family and friends. Others travel, sometimes to camp out sometimes just to see the country in all its splendor. There is Mount Rushmore to see. And Yellowstone is always a place of adventure and many wonders. In fact it is a real treat to rent an RV and travel through Yellowstone. Grant Village and Fishing Bridge are two wonderful places to stay. And one cannot travel through Yellowstone without visiting the great Old Faithful Geyser. Campsites are inexpensive, comfortable and accommodating. Flora and fauna abound.

4th of July Celebrations

Another great place to be on the fourth is in Disneyland. There is always a grand celebration there every year. There is great food, rides, and the firework display is nearly out of this world. This place is full of happy families enjoying some recreational time together, and even though there are many many people everyone is on their best behavior. A good time is had by all. Not too many people think of this as a place to be on the 4th of July but it is worth it.

Some people in Montana, Miles City to be exact, travel to Cody, Wyoming to purchase spectacular fireworks even though these are not needed. There is a big wonderful fireworks display by the Riverside Park in Miles City. Many families come sit in the grass to watch the sparkles as they glitter off the waters of the oasis pool. This is a tradition that extends back many years. People from out of state would really enjoy the small town hospitality and good food offered by this historic town in Montana.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is another place where the4th of July is truly welcome. This is one of the prettiest cities in the country. Consider traveling there this year. Try whitewater rafting down the Snake River and then having a sumptuous meal afterward in a city that has some of the best places to eat anywhere. There is a lot to do and a lot to see here, in fact too much to list.

This year think differently. Go somewhere or do something out of the ordinary for you or your family and friends. It is a national holiday and no matter where you spend it in this great country, no matter what you do or eat, or how you celebrate it, it will still be traditional.